You will not believe that she uses as eyeliner!

Taylor Swift has long consolidated its role-model status for young people in all corners of the globe. Her hits occupy the top lines of the top charts, and concerts are held at the largest stadiums. Nevertheless, Taylor managed to maintain a positive view of the world and the spontaneity and ease for which we loved her.

This year, Taylor will celebrate his 30th (Can you believe it?) Birthday. To this important date, the singer published in the ELLE magazine an essay on the topic: “30 things I learned before 30”. In the essay, she shared the most intimate. About how she was teased, about her parents’ illness, as well as about her views on life and career. And, of course, how could such a list do without beauty tips? I could not, therefore, the singer told how she can look so good in 29 years.

Taylor admitted that she only recently learned to treat her skin with care. Previously, she did not even wash off makeup at night and fell asleep. Very vital. Probably each of us did this at least once in my life, and then in the morning I tried to wipe off the panda eyes that appeared from smeared carcasses and liner.

The singer also shared her advice with readers: use moisturizing products for the face and body every time after a shower. Year-round. Usually, we repeat this procedure only in winter, when due to wind, temperature changes and dry air due to heating, our skin is not in the best condition. In spring, you don’t always want to spend money on hydration, and why? But Taylor convinces otherwise, saying: “Why can’t I be soft all the time?”

This beauty advice can and should be followed, because everyone wants to have soft and smooth skin. But are all beauty taylor hacks useful? Very doubt.

Another recognition of Swift is that it sometimes replaces the eyeliner … with a felt-tip pen! Yes Yes. Probably in childhood we were all a bit Taylor Swift and horrified our parents. The singer herself urged her fans never to do that. Whew!


We hope that the use of felt-tip pen instead of eyeliner will also be one of the things that Taylor will leave behind when she turns these magical thirty years.

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