For Aries, Taurus, Gemini and all the rest.

You break your head over what you wear this spring? We have a solution – update your wardrobe according to the horoscope. According to astrologers, each sign has its own style, and luck and well-being depend on the choice of clothing. To reach your potential and be in complete harmony with yourself, you need to understand what is right for you.

Look for your sign and make a shopping list.


Aries are very purposeful, business and active. Of course, all girls rams have a different style, but astrologers advise you to wear shades of red and crimson more often. These colors are charged with additional energy to have enough strength to successfully complete the planned business. Aries are in constant motion, so their ideal style for – sports. A stylish suit and cool sneakers are what you need!


Girls who were born under the sign of Taurus, the most feminine. Although they like to dress practical, they still want to look elegant. If you are Taurus, astrologers are advised to purchase a pair of feminine dresses and elegant shoes, like Carrie Bradshaw. You definitely will not regret your choice.


Twins are very sociable and active girls. Usually they prefer the casual style, but also follow the fashion and buy the most trendy things of recent seasons. Your happy wardrobe color is beige. He helps the Twins to open up and show their best side. Of the twin stars, the style icon can be called Angelina Jolie, and the body color is just one of her favorites.


Cancers are very romantic and, like no other, trust their intuition. If you are Cancer, then you look best in gentle flowing dresses with a floral print and light pleated skirts. And you are very classic colors: gray, pearl and blue. Astrologers believe that this style helps the Cancers to find harmony.


About Lions always say that they are the most creative. At the same time they have a strict, businesslike and classic style. Astrologers say that expensive tissues emphasize their becoming and nobility. So feel free to wear a beautiful jacket, sheath skirt and an elegant coat. The best color for lions is blue. If you need a sample of the perfect “lion” style, then this is Megan Markl. She often dresses in elegant business suits and elegant coats, which, you see, are very suitable for her. And all because she is a lioness! Rr-r 🙂


Virgo is a very strict and disciplined person. In clothing, this sign prefers to adhere to the same style, choosing plaid trousers, strict trapeze dresses and two-piece suits in the style of Samantha Jones. Classic images allow Virgos to keep their brand, always look neat and collected. If you want to make a good impression, you know what to choose.


Scales more than other signs love art in all its manifestations: they are real aesthetes and are always dressed with taste. Scales often follow the latest fashion trends and love bright accessories. Astrologers recommend you to buy bright outerwear, ankle boots or a skirt with a noticeable print.


Guess which sign is the main fan of black? It is believed that this color helps Scorpios to attract people and even slightly influence them. Most often, representatives of this sign prefer two styles depending on the occasion. In everyday life, they wear casual, but for the evening they choose luxurious dresses with a cutout on the back or deep cleavage. See how Scarlett Johansson dresses, for example.

As for you, cute mother’s jeans and a cool cashmere top will help to complement the style this spring.


Sagittarius, as a rule, girls are practical and buy good things that will last a long time. But sometimes representatives of the sign literally live for a moment and can pull all the money on a very liked dress or handbag. Such a character is at the sign, because their planet is Jupiter, and they tend to do something unpredictable.

If you are a Sagittarius, then this season choose an ethnic style in clothes: dresses with patterns and embroidery or African bracelets – think about your taste.


Capricorns are the most rational representatives of the horoscope. If you are Capricorn, then you certainly feel comfortable wearing gray, olive and dark blue clothes. And it is not surprising, because these are the main colors of your sign. Astrologers say that in order to preserve inner harmony, it is best to assemble a basic capsular wardrobe and sometimes dilute it with fashionable things.


You certainly love shopping, because for you it is a ritual? So all Aquarius. And they also have one problem – because of the passion for shopping in the closet, too much clothing accumulates. It is for this reason that their style is full of strife. Leopard tights, neon things, Cossacks … To make your wardrobe more orderly, add to it a few classic things that you can wear every day.


Soft and poetic – so describe Pisces. They love non-eye-catching clothes, but they always choose something feminine. If you do not like shocking, then a little bit to dilute the strict image will help jewelry and clothing of sea flowers – blue and blue. According to astrologers, this style will definitely inspire you.

We hope that now you know what suits you the most, and you will definitely not get lost with new purchases! 🙂

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