The most avant-garde Instagram people!

Honestly, the fashion that ordinary fashion-bloggers propagate for us is boring to me. It is of the same type, boring and seemingly inanimate. Feistyun, identical brown coats and joyful “How are you, my favorite subscribers?” At the end of each post. How can? Let’s look at people whose style  is a separate art form!


Sita  is a model, DJ, stylist, blogger, designer and just a lucky girl. For example, Rihanna accidentally stumbled upon her profile in the insta, and then offered to play in the clip  “Bitch better have my money”. Cool, right?

An excellent example that shows once again that it is possible and necessary to work on your style. And even if it seems excessively bright to your friends or parents, this does not mean that it is bad.

In general, now the girl is doing well, she participates in fashion shows and pleases fans with street-style shots. What is her style called? I would call it too much  – when everything seems to look strange, but overall it’s cool.


This Asian girl broke my heart with her love for sport chic. True, her profile is worth a look not only for the sake of beautiful bows, but also for the unusual art. Which, I warn, sometimes can even frighten. But the shocking and art always went somewhere nearby, so I was not embarrassed by the painted third eye and a bunch of unusual decorations. And you?


Kristina Kiriya is the Russian version of the shocking fashion bloggers. Courage, freedom and creativity have made every image of her a continuous source of inspiration for followers. Obviously, not everyone will be able to repeat such a bow in life. But to take some elements, combine with the base and get a wearable and bright image  – why not?


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