Makeup is an art; it’s not just applying colors to your face. It more of enhancing the best features and concealing what needs to be concealed. If you really want spot-on makeup and the perfect liner every time, you will need the double P’s; Practice and patience in abundance. There is also the matter of do’s and don’t of makeup as well, remember the following when you are applying your makeup, and you will be good.

Don’t Over Do

This is the first and foremost rule of makeup, limit the use of the product when you are going heavy on one feature. For instance, if you are going for a bold lip

keep your eyes nude, use a light shade and pair it with thin liner and light mascara. This will keep all the attention to your lip color. However, if you are doing a Smokey eye, keep everything else light. With heavy eyes, you don’t want a heavy foundation or too much bronzer and red lips. This creates chaos.

Do Lighten Up

The best trick to tone down a Smokey eye is to give the water line a nude shade. With a nude water line, the eye appears bigger. Add a dash of liner and mascara to define the eye a bit more. Also, if you have gone heavy handed with the product, just dab face powder over your eye shadow, this will tone it down instantly.


Don’t’ Just start your makeup, out of the blue, without any preparation. That will make it look cakey and unpolished. Prepare your face, use a moisturizer as well as a primer before starting your makeup. Don’t just start; make sure the face is smooth and supple before starting.

Do Experiment

Do experiment; there is nothing wrong with experimenting. It’s great to break the norm of black Smokey eye and create a green, blue or teal Smokey eye. It’s a great change as well as very eye-catching.

Don’t Light Yourself Up

Don’t go crazy with the highlighter. This is the worst thing you can do if you have oily skin. Too much

shine and glow can ruin the best of makeups. Best is to use a

light hand while applying highlighter. If you don’t have a lot of practice better stick to creamy highlighters. These give you better control than powder.

Like we mentioned earlier, makeup is an art, you need skill, patience and a lot of practice to get it right every time.

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