Braided hairdo is a hairstyle which became the present trend. This is the best braided hairstyles that are present from the world-famous celebrity. By making this a creative idea for your hair, then you will become more fashionable women. This is a formal hair as fashion hair ideas for women who can make you more stylish, the women, come up with new styles. A contemporary trend was present from the following celebrities.

One of the celebrities that look beautiful with a braided bun is Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. They are a beautiful woman who has a creative idea to give the impression of a neat and formal. However, formal look can be found for a woman with tousled braided which makes it look different.

Gwen Stefany look beautiful with blonde hair is styled as an elegant color as chic hair with humble braid. It was the same as those applied by Anna Paquin who gives a unique impression on her hair as a model of a complete set. ie with french braided hair and do. Other best haircut you can see at the picture presented here. For example, double french braided.

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