My girlfriends who do not understand their happiness.

Kissed by the sun and the children of spring – so they say about the owners of freckles. In England, freckles are called “angel kisses”, and in France – “flower pollen”. Today they have become the personification of youth and beauty.

But until the 1970s, these cute specks were considered a terrible flaw, which they fought in every way. They were bleached with various household and cosmetic products, hidden under a thick layer of foundation and powder.

In the hippie era, freckles have become a kind of symbol of freedom and feminism. And the cult model Twiggy in the 70s turned them into a real trend.

Today in Hollywood many actresses with freckles – and all of them are recognized as sex symbols! And designers are now so obsessed with freckles that they specifically paint their models, they even make temporary tattoos. Trend also touched ordinary girls, by the way.

If you have not joined supporters of lovers of freckles, I have for you five arguments that will change your attitude.


Not everyone has freckles, but each owner of sun-kisses has unique ones: people differ in color, size and shape of freckles. There may be several pieces, and maybe a whole placer. So they make your appearance bright and expressive.

And they allow you to be different – very gentle and soft, or bold and bold. Today you are a dreamy and romantic Mia from La La Lenda, and tomorrow you are the unpredictable and self-confident Effie from Milk Suckers. With freckles you can try on any image!


At night, you didn’t sleep well because of the preparation for the exams, or just tired at the end of the day, and according to the plan – a hike for a friend’s birthday, where do you need to look your best? Do not worry, your freckles will hide all signs of overwork! Because they always enliven the appearance and even hide imperfections and inflammations. With them, the skin seems to glow, and you don’t even need tonals and masks with an instant effect – everything is fine! 🙂


Yes this is true. Boys generally fall in love with individuality and remember the details that only you have. Moles, dimples on the cheeks, mimic wrinkles with laughter and, of course, freckles! Guys find them very sexy. Do not believe? Ask a couple of friends.


Nature has taken care not only to have freckles, but also specially selected them for your hair color! Redheads have freckles of warm honey color, brown-haired women are brown, and ashy blondes and brunettes are light gray with a cold undertone. Nature loves harmony! 🙂


Do not count how many freckle actresses we know: Jessica Chastain, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, Kaya Scodelario, Emma Watson are all owners of freckles. Models with freckles now too much. Be sure to pay attention to Natalie Westling. The whole world found out about her in 2013 after the Marc Jacobs show. Now she collaborates with Saint Laurent, Chanel, Lanvin, Loewe, Paco Rabanne, Fendi and Max Mara.

None of the celebrities are not trying to get rid of their features, although there are a million tools and special procedures for this. Stars are proud of freckles and value their individuality. And you take an example from them.

Well, are you ready to love your freckles? 🙂

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