It’s that time of the year again when the apologetic show of curves and skin takes place. Yes! It’s summer, the favorite season of all. It’s the time to bring out the most fun and sexy swimwear and tan all day long. The beaches are going to be full, and it will be a war to find pool chairs at the public pools, but it’s all good as long as you can enjoy the waves and sun. If you are looking for inspiration for your latest swimwear, then we have the list ready for the trendiest swimsuits of 2019.

The High Cut

The perfect two-piece to show of your flat stomach and lean muscles. Get all the attention to your glorious tan with nude colors and high waist two pieces. If you are a gym junkie and you have abs to prove your passion, then this is a must. The high waist bottoms are perfect for showing off your lean calves, and the high cut bikini will put your abs on a perfect show.


The sun is shining, the beach sand glitters, so should you. Get your glow in with the metallic designs that have occupied the runway this year. Metallics are so in that they have taken over the swimsuit industry as well. You can add a hooped belt to your swimwear to enhance the metallic look even more

Knotted Swimwear

Knots are cute, so if you want to go for cute rather than sexy, then knots are all you need. Polka dotted and knots detailed swimsuits are timeless. These can’t be replaced. So, if you are looking for a nice and relaxed time at the beach, without getting much attention, then try knotted swimwear. These also come in various designs with front, back or side knots.

Animal Print

The animal prints are not only limited to dresses, but it has been extended to swimwear this summer as well. Show off your inner animal with your favorite animal print. No more hiding your true spots, rock on this summer with your animal print bikini and out those curves out in the open. There is a huge variety to choose from as well, leopard, snakeskin, zebra, and tiger. You name it; they have it.

Swimwear is less for water and more for showing off the curvy body you have worked on all year long. Don miss out on the chance to wear the trendiest swimwear this year.

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