Well, everyone had a rest? It’s time to return to our fashionable battle! Today we will be inspired by Camila Mendez – the girl who played Veronica Lodge in the TV series “Riverdale”.

By the way, we will analyze the images on the trends that will be relevant in the spring of 2019, so remember.


In this image, Camila calls for a vote. As you know, political appeals can rarely lead to something good. So we better call on parents and all those around us to be proud of us. In general, enjoy the beauty and audacity!

PS Do not forget about animal prints, they will go with us in the 2019th.


Put on a print from head to toe, as if you won’t get lost. Let it be a bit pretentious, unusual and bright. In a fashion of courage, so why not indulge in experiments?


A variety of interpretations on the theme of Turgenev girls will be relevant in the new season. So pay attention to the delicate shades, beautiful tea dresses  and cute white ankle boots.

An artificial fur coat is also taken in the new year 🙂


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