How Much Will It Cost

In the closet, there is one universal thing that everyone should have, “perfect jeans.” For most women, a pair of jeans that hide figure flaws and is comfortable to wear, that’s ideal.  Finding perfect jeans is not an easy task. But it is attainable.  It also can be “costly”.

In this article you will be shown how to find “perfect jeans” as you take on the task of looking for the jeans you really want.

Look At Different Styles of Jeans

When looking for the perfect jeans, you first must decide on the style and color. For example, if you need a light denim boyfriend jeans – focus on that. Do not be distracted by beautiful blouses, leggings, and other clothes, that seems to be whispering, “buy me.” Keep your focus toward finding those perfect jeans.

Do you want to find perfection? Set a goal and go for it. Look at the skinny jeans, the boyfriends jeans, the  straight and flared jeans. See how you look in the various styles. Discover your body type. Observe what looks good on you. To help in this process, take a friend along with you, who has a good sense of style. Another person’s eyes can help you determined what looks good on you. If there are no worthy advisers you have confidence in, try instagram. There you can find some personal stylists who work online for little money. But before, using a professional service, analyze the profile of the advisor first. Sometimes it is more beneficial to turn to a specialist, than to overpay for things that do not suit you.

Discover Your Size

When looking for the perfect jeans, it is necessary to know your body measurements. You probably know your general body size, but doesn’t hurt to measure again. Certain brands will look and feel different on your body. So, it’s a good idea to check your height, waist, and hip size. Often, jeans in the mass market have standardized sizes, suitable for girls with a height of 160-170 cm. But in some brands, “Top shop” and “American Eagle” there is a separate collection for tall girls and women.

Give Attention To Your Jeans Fitting Comfortably

Denim tends to stretch over time. Don’t buy jeans that are too big for
you. It is a myth that 2-3 fingers should fit between the waist and jeans. Supposedly, this means that the jeans fit just right. Forget the myth!
Jeans should be comfortable–period!  While in the dressing room, squat,
bend, twist, and walk a bit to see if the jeans you want really fit. Make sure the jeans are what you want in price, style, and feels comfortable to you. But if you really want to buy jeans that are beautifully decoratively beautiful, choose stripes. A vertical bar will make your figure visually
more proportional.

Want Perfect Jeans?

Understand that finding the perfect jeans is a difficult task. It can be
expensive and time consuming. But, if you are willing to take the
challenge to find those perfect jeans you want, what a wonderful feeling
to discover they are now a part of your wardrobe.

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