Makeup has the magic to make you look younger if only applied right. If not, you can look much older than your actual age. Also, it can make your perfectly nice skin look dried up and dull. When it comes to makeup, there is this perfect rule everyone should follow every time they apply makeup, “less is more.”

Prep and Prime

The first thing you should always do is to prep your skin, make sure it’s perfectly cleaned and moisturized. When you have a clean and prepped face, the foundation tends to blend way better. The second step would be to prime your face, a silicone-based primer fills in thin lines and pores and give you a smooth surface to work on.


The most horrible mistake you can make when it comes to makeup is your foundation. It’s very important that you find the right foundation. One that enhances your skin color and make your glow, not make your ghostly white or gives you dull skin. For oily skin use water-based formula and for dry skin use something that has more moisture, so the foundation doesn’t crack. Shade matters as much as the formula does. Never test your foundation on your hand, rather test it on the nape of your neck. This gives you an accurate shade.

Blend a Bit More

No one like brush strokes on paintings let alone the face, which is why you should always blend till your hands bleed. Get the right brushes and blend everything perfectly. A perfect blended face looks even and smooth. Looks younger as well. Instead of powder, you can use a cream blush, that way you can have more control over your blending.

Know the Balance Rule

Dark eyes go with light lips, and light lips need dark eyes, that’s the basic rule of makeup. With heavy eyes, you can never go with a bold lip color. That would be too much. There will be no balance what so ever and your makeup will make you look old.

Leave your Lower Lash Line Alone

Liners, mascaras as well as dark shades on lower lash line can easily make you look tired and give you unsightly shadows under the eye. Try the opposite side, make the lower line a bight lighter. With a lighter lower lash line, you can look younger and fresher.

Makeup isn’t hard when you know the rules. However, you can know all the rules in the world, but you will still need a lot of practice to get perfect.

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