People seem to abhor layers, even in winters. It makes them feel bulky, but that was a really long time ago. Today’s fashion has changed so much that you can stay warm and in style with your layers. Even in summers, the layers are cool. Don’t believe me? Read away the layer’s fashion you shouldn’t miss this year. These tips and elaboration of the layer’s fashion will change your opinion about layers altogether.


It’s too hot outside, the sun is blazing, but it’s chilly in the office with the AC blasting in the face. How will you dress now? Wearing a tank top to work isn’t suitable, and you can’t really wear a jacket in the blazing sun. Blazers is the appropriate solution. Jeans, tank top and a blazer are the perfect work attire, one that you can change into a cool one as soon as you leave the office. Blazers look very smart even on jeans; they are perfect for any official environment. When you leave the office, you can take it off and enjoy the warm summer breeze on your skin while you travel home.

Lacey Shrugs

Summers is all about staying cool, looking great, and showing off the perfectly tanned skin. However, too much sun can be harmful for the skin, which is why lacey shrugs are just perfect. They look great, casual and sexy at the same time. They can also accommodate jeans, skirts, and shorts easily. With a lacey skirt, you can feel the breeze but avoid sunburn.

Suede Jacket

No everyone is a big fan of exposed skin; lightweight Suede jackets are just perfect if you are one of those people who hate to put their skin on show. Go for longer length ones, as they can be paired with jeans and shorts fashionably. Suede jackets help your attire look elegant as well as sophisticated, and you won’t even feel the chills while you are indoors.


Lightweight and soft denim jackets work perfectly in summer. These look exceptionally good when you are wearing jeans, denim on denim combination looks divine. It’s high on fashion charts as well. Whether you are wearing denim jeans or denim shorts, a denim jacket will look great and will create a monochrome look.

Layering isn’t only limited to winters, and it doesn’t have to look bulky at all. Be creative and love fashion, once you start thinking out the box, you will find all the right answers, fashionably.

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