Go, sisters!

And how do they do it all? Kendall Jenner is constantly involved in fashion shows around the world, her Instagram is full of photos from all over the world. And Kylie Jenner successfully manages the billionth company and brings up baby Stormy. But in the new year, the sisters remembered that the family business is the strong point of the Kardashian-Jenner family, and decided to work together again.

The Jenner sisters joined forces and created a collection of bags specifically for the Wallmart department store. Cute backpacks, waist bags and shoppers, which you can only dream of! Buy items from this collection can be quite inexpensive: the cost of each item does not exceed $ 34.

For Kylie Jenner, it’s inexpensive. If you remember, when she just launched her own brand Kylie Cosmetics, many have condemned her for very large price tags. $ 29 for lipstick and lip liner? Then it seemed something transcendental, and now it has become our reality.

You can buy something from the collection only on the official Walmart website , so if you want something, just run there! Glamor accessories were designed by Kylie and Kendall very carefully and are ideal for both the evening out and the school. As Kylie herself admitted, she wanted to create a collection in which it would be possible to combine accessories with different styles of clothing. Versatility was a priority.

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