Recently, the world’s catwalks “got loose” in the other direction, instead of thin models, “pyshechki” are coming into fashion, calling to love your body as it is. Recently, supermodel Irina Shayk commented on body-positive fashion.

Irina Shayk supports this trend, which is gaining popularity in the fashion industry, because it believes that human beauty is hidden inside. The model insists on the need to love yourself completely with all the flaws that every person has, including hers.

“I am glad that fashionable standards are changing, and beauty and fashion business are pushing the limits. It seems to me that it is important to love, first of all, our shortcomings, and I am glad that the beauty and fashion industry gives us, finally, such a right, ”the star said.

Irina Shayk admitted that there are days when she is unhappy with her reflection in the mirror, or, on the contrary, finds herself gorgeous.

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