With the fashion world changing every day, it’s hard to keep up with the trends and not be broke. Saving is hard when you are always on the lookout of new fashion trends. Clothes get outdated in a couple of months; there is a need to buy more fashionable clothes. What if we tell you, that there are ways you can be fashionable and still save money? Here’s all you need to know about staying in fashion without spending a lot.

Understand the Essentials


You can’t keep buying new clothes every time when fashion changes, that’s not very practical seeing that the clothes aren’t always cheap. If you want to be fashionable on a budget start thinking creatively. With a few basic items, you can create a fashionable look without emptying your wallet. Take your boring white T-shirt or blouse, for instance, add a leather corset or a wide gold waist belt, to update the boring look of your basic white garment. You can do the same thing to a plain black dress, by adding gold, silver or bronze thick wide belt.

Spend More on Accessories


A boring and outdated dress or outfit can look fashionable with the right accessories. Colors, animal prints as well as leather dangling earrings are in fashion now.  If you incorporate these in your outfit, your dress will go unnoticed. Understand the importance of accessorizing. You can easily hide flaws and enhance the beautify of any dress with the right accessory.

Buy What You Know You Need


The thing that messes up your budget more than anything is buying clothes that you may never wear. You bought the dress because it was cheap, but if you aren’t going to wear it, then your money went to the trash.  Buy things you know you are going to wear, even if they are a bit expensive, they will cover the cost when you wear it more than thrice.

Think SALES!!

Sales happen, they do take off a percentage of the actual price at special occasions, keep your eyes open for sales. Avail them and get yourself some great pieces that are timeless. Denim, leather, florals and summer dresses. These are timeless pieces that, no matter where the fashion wind blows, are always in. If you have a good fashion eye, then check out garage sales, flea market, and vintage clothing. These have hidden treasures sometimes as well.

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