There have been many usual trends when it comes to makeup, be it colorful goth or glitter all over, unusual makeup trends never cease to impress. Among these epic trends, there is “the weird eyebrow trend” that comes with a new variety every year. Some of them became so famous that despite being unusual people still adopted them. Here are some of the most famous unusual trends in eyebrow makeup.


hen you are used to seeing and doing clean-cut, sleek eyebrow, you mind find this trend a bit hard to drop. Instead of going in one direction, the eyebrows spread upside and downside simultaneously, creating a feathery effect. Started by the Stella, makeup artist who hails from Finland, the artist claimed that the look is perfect for daily wear, who agrees?

There is even a special hashtag #featherbrow on Instagram –  you can find a lot of cool options on it!

Accessorized Arches

There can never be too many accessories; a statement proved true by makeup artist James Kaliardos who gave his models edgy and accessorized eyebrows to walk down the runway with. The trend of war eyebrow jewelry isn’t unknown but to go this far is definitely unusual.

Bleached Brows

Back in 2016, trendsetters decided who need’s color, so they bleached their eyebrows and named the trend whispery eyebrow trend. No more plucking or waxing, bleach and be done. Who needs the arch when you have bleach?

Lightning Bolt Brows

You know you are a huge Harry Potter fan when you think about lightning bolts all the time. 2017 saw a lot of different eyebrow trend, but the one that got huge popularity was the lightning bolt brows. Instead of curving in an arch the brow would end in a bolt shape corner. Some people went and paired these with bolted liner as well. Talk about matching trends.

Rainbow Eyebrows

ven with 2017 ending the trends didn’t stop, the end of 2017 saw, colorful rainbow eyebrow. Though most of the trends stayed to Instagram or runways, the rainbow trend was seen on quite a few famous people, who loved the out of the box trend and the colors too much to skip this trend.

Eyebrows are meant to be played with, to create new and fresh trends. Some may think that bleaching them or created a horizontal split is way too much, while others would feel it’s another way or expressing the inner artist. All in all, the eyebrow trends never stop to impress us.


It all started with a photo that was posted by Canadian beauty blogger Taylor Ar. The girl showed her unusual Christmas make-up to the followers – she painted her eyebrows in such a way that two pretty Christmas trees turned out. Many liked the Taylor experiment, and they began to share their options for Christmas tree brows.

Before Christmas, the girls painted their eyebrows in green and even decorated them with “toys”, rhinestones, stars and small gifts.

Right before the fever!


Spanish makeup artist Carol Burgos invented such a make-up. According to the girl, she was inspired by dinosaurs. The shape of the eyebrow really resembles the teeth that were on the skin of ancient monsters. But they look bold and unusual – o dare to try?


Those makeup artists who are close to natural motifs made their eyebrows even more attractive with the help of spikelets, petals and blades of grass.

The material used for the decoration was completely natural – bloggers stuck dried plants on the hairs.

It turned out very nice and gentle.


The days of the punks are long gone, but the echoes of their 70s-80s are still in vogue. Eyebrow design was no exception: in 2015, at the Rodarte show ,  models were defiled with eyebrow piercing rows. They were fake jewelery, but they looked natural.

Following Rodarte, other designers began to glue metal rings on their eyebrows, and ordinary girls diluted the everyday look with such details.


The most inoffensive, but at the same time bold trend. Although it appeared a long time ago, make-up artists still like to mask hairs with special light shades or mascara. This makeup turns girls into real aliens and always adds tenderness to the image.

And what eyebrows would you make? 🙂

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