Not only girls can learn the best! 🙂

When we talk about the revolution of gender in fashion, we usually have in mind the trend for unisex or the fact that many things from the men’s wardrobe moved to the female. But in general, this revolution was also affected by the guys. Now, for example, you can meet a guy in a flowered shirt. Or a guy who does not hesitate to admit that he does a manicure or even a light make-up (hello, Gevorg, we love you). And all this is not about orientation, but about scrapping gender cliches and about freedom of expression.

So what moved from the female wardrobe to the male?


In fact, it was men who first began to wear mules, more precisely  , the ancient Roman philosophers and aristocrats. In the Middle Ages, women of fashion assigned the right to comfortable shoes without a backdrop. And finally, brave guys dared to win back muly. Fashionable models with narrow noses, embroidery and fur are worn not only by girls – they also look great on guys.  And rightly so. Because beautiful shoes (and clothes, by the way, too) are not only for women.


Imagine, and the pink girls brazenly took away the guys. In the Middle Ages, for example, he was synonymous with masculinity. And even in the 50s of the last century, little boys (in the West, at least) were dressed not in blue, but in pink. The girls somehow intercepted the right to it, and the color was re-categorized as female. And then in the synonym of vulgarity and stupidity – thanks to zero and Paris Hilton.

In 2017, there was a real fashion revolution, which returned pink to the men’s wardrobe. Guys are not shy about wearing pink shirts, t-shirts and sweaters. Who is bolder – buy and other things of this color. Following and other  “feminine” shades and prints received amnesty. It’s time, I think. Remember: color has no gender, and everyone can wear what he wants.


Every year, European designers try to promote the trend for men’s skirts and dresses. In Europe, things are moving very slowly. Even the neighborhood with Scotland, where guys for centuries have worn kilts and are not shy, does not really help. And meanwhile, it is men’s skirts that have long become a permanent attribute of the Asian style.

The guys at the Korean Fashion Week now and then wear clothes in the style of samurai  – and it looks very cool and bold. Maybe fashion for South Korean culture will move things off the ground in our area. In the end, in the right style and skirt, and the dress on the guy can look very courageous.


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