When I was a little girl. I thought all heels were the same; tall. They all looked the same to me and they all had the same purpose, to make you look sexy and feel uncomfortable. Little did I know, back then, that heels come in all shapes and size, they vary from occasion to occasion and they can be very comfortable. I fell in love with my first pair of heels as soon as I bought them. My obsession led me to do experiments with different kinds of heels. Here’s my take on different kind of heels.



They are the most popular and the highest of the high. Adoringly beautiful as well as sexy, they are a must to have. These need a bit of practice to master the walk, but it’s totally worth the pain. Also, Stilettos mostly come with front platforms, for comfort. Stilettos go best with formal attires as well as jeans.

Wedge Heels

Cute and comfortable these are the kind of heels that never pain your legs. They are comfortable as and easy to walk in. you can wear them underneath shorts, jeans and similar casual clothing. Wedge heels shouldn’t be worn with dresses.

Cone Heels

Just like the name suggests these are shaped like a cone. Wider from the top and pointed at the tip. These come in various sizes, you can get higher ones as well as kitten ones. Perfect for shorts, dresses and jeans.

Spool Heels

Again, the perfect namesake for a heel that resembles a spool. These come in small lengths, they are also very formal looking. These are comfortable to walk in. Best for official meetings and formal wear.

Chunky Heels


Any heel that has a wider diameter and is squared shape, can be counted as chunky heels. You can find chunky heels in medium to long size. They are casual as well as formal and can be worn with either kind of clothing. Again, you will need a bit of practice to walk while wearing these.

Peep Toes


Most popular choice of formal heels are peep toes. The look great underneath skirts, as well as business suits. These are sexy as well as elegant. The front open design of these heels is the reason they are called peep toes.

Heels are great when you want to add sexiness as well as height to your look. I find heels very fascinating; they are the best invention to give any dry outfit all the glamour.

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