Makeup isn’t about applying lipstick; it’s about knowing how to apply color to your face and enhance your features. Having said that, makeup varies from one time of the day to another. If you are a makeup lover or if you are just starting with makeup, then you need to understand that day and night makeup differs from each other on three grounds.

  • The way you apply it.
  • The amount you apply.
  • The colors you choose.

These three points are very important when it comes to distinguishing between day time makeup and evening makeup.

Day Time Look

Day time includes your work or casual lunches, errand runs or a walk or jog in the morning; all these activities demand a fresh face, that is free from mess and chaos, a face that isn’t heavy but light and subtle. Hence you can hold off the false lashes as well as dark colors. Go for a light foundation to give your face a clean slate to work on, use light colors for your eyelids and go easy on the bronzer. There is no need to add a highlighter as well. Remember the sun and wide awaits you. You don’t want your makeup to run down your face at noon. Keep it simple and fresh. The light colors on your eyelids can be balanced with a bright colored lipstick or gloss. A touch of mascara and liner to define your eyes works fine as well.

Night Time Look

Night time includes formal dinners, clubbing as well as family functions. All these calls for a glamorous look. You can add dark colors to your lids, Smokey eyes are very popular at night, especially when you are going clubbing. Keep the lips light or nude if you are going heavy on the eyes. Prep your face, give it time then apply your foundation. You can’t use a light BB cream for night time makeup, use a foundation that will cover all your blemishes as well as open pore perfectly. Blend it till its extremely smooth. Use your highlighter as well as a blush as much as you please. False lashes and winged liner to make your eyes look bigger works as nighttime makeup routine as well.

Knowing how to do makeup is great, but understand the differences is an added plus. You can never look ad if you know when to limit yourself and when to go all the way.

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