Will she ever get tired of surprising us?

Surely you are already accustomed to the fact that Kim often poses naked and wears outright clothes. “Of course, she’s Kim Kardashian,” you say. Yes, she is allowed to shock her fans, but sometimes she tries too obviously …

A star yesterday posted a photo on Twitter, in which she poses in a candid vintage dress in black. The outfit, in which she was captured in the corridor of her own house in Los Angeles, was created by designer Thierry Mugler, who was popular in the 90s. Next to Kim, by the way, Chris Appleton is posing – her stylist, who creates almost all her hairstyles for publication.

In this image, Kim attended the Hollywood Beauty Awards. According to the publication Mirror, the star tried to move very carefully, so as not to accidentally lose her dignity, having lit her chest on in front of hundreds of cameras. But there was no jewelry on it. And rightly so, nobody would have noticed them anyway …

Later, Kim tweeted the phrase: “You know this mood when you really feel beautiful.”

How do you like the new image of Kim?

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