This is a dress code, baby 🙂

As you may have already noticed, jackets and trouser suits are in fashion. And this is cool: when you buy one universal set, you get a separate jacket, separate pants and a suit, and these are as many as 3 different looks. And all these three images can be worn for study and for an interview, staying within the office dress code, and for a meeting with a friend.

The image of a strong girl does not descend from the pages of glossy magazines, which means that we will also spend the spring in the mood of German actress and singer Marlene Dietrich – in the time unusual for costume history she preferred men’s trousers to dresses.

Thank her for that!

We understand what all the same to us to look for:

  1. Pay attention to the cut of the jacket – it must be in oversized style. For example, a sweatshirt should fit under sufficiently wide sleeves. A jacket can be elongated and even somewhat resemble a short coat. Spring has not yet come into its own; such an option would perfectly protect you from the wind. Quite good options are now presented in Zara .
  2. Fitted jackets in the style of school uniforms – a fight. The exception is unusual patterns, when the waist zone is deliberately highlighted, as in the famous Balenciaga jacket . This bow will look as elegant as possible due to a pronounced waist and visually enlarged hips. A more profitable option you will find at the brand “Cherry” 🙂
  3. Do not be afraid to play with textures and colors. The costume can be made of thick wool, synthetics or completely lightweight fabric for the summer – the main thing is that you feel comfortable in it. The most classic color option for spring is beige, gray, green and blue. As a festive option, you can choose a red or white suit.
  4. With the form of jackets will not play, but we have a variety of pants. The above-mentioned Marlene Dietrich preferred the trousers-palazzo – the pipes, flared to the bottom. Everything wide and flared is fashionable. Although ultra-volume jacket forgive and skinny jeans and even bicycles. Make sure that the groin area is hidden, otherwise you will incur accusations of vulgarity.
  5. If you are tired of trousers, combine an oversay jacket with a midi skirt and a belt, with shorts or wear it instead of a dress. Just be careful with the length!
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