Accent is to emphasize, so how does it apply to everyday makeup? Accenting in everyday makeup means you don’t overdo everything. Makeup passionate people have a hard time limiting themselves. They want to do it all, use it all. However, you can’t do that with everyday makeup. Which is why we are here to help you with your everyday makeup and accenting the right parts.

Emphasize the Lips

Day time makeup demands a bold lip color that helps keep the face fresh. Accenting lips makes it easier to look fresh and active all day. It is better to leave the nudes to night time parties and clubs. A bold lip works best for working professionals, but if you are school or college going switch to pink or peach. Bright lips reflect an outgoing fun personality.

Emphasize the Face

On a clean, prepped canvas you can paint the best picture, don’t you agree? It’s the same case with makeup, with a prepped and primed face you can bring out your makeup skill with perfection. Conceal to perfection and use a light foundation to give your face healthy coverage. Don’t go for chiseled contouring, add a bit of blush and nothing more. Heavy contouring and cakey foundation can make the face look overdone. If you have plans in the evening, then make sure you have a highlighter in your bag to add the bling later in the day.

Emphasize the Eyes

With your daily makeup, don’t go heavy with the eyeshades. Work with the basics. Add a liner, you can wing it if you feel like it, but it’s not necessary. Mascara is important to define the eyes even more. Make sure that you have primed the lids perfectly before starting with the liner. With a primed lid, your liner will pop out more than usual. Highlight the underside of the brows to make the eye look more defined and bigger.

Day time makeup needs a bit of a light hand; you can’t go all the way when it comes to daily makeup. When you accent the three basic features including your face, it helps keep things clean and clear. Light makeup with accented lips and eyes is perfect for work as well as college. It’s important that you know how much focus each part needs. This will enhance the features to perfection and give you a fresh look all day long.

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