“I have enough handbags”, said no woman ever because it is impossible for a woman to be satisfied with the number of bags she has and eliminate the urge to shop for more. However, there are some bag trends that are definite must-have, and if you’re over 25 and missing out on the trends we’ve listed below, you really need to reconsider your wardrobe-building efforts.


Here, take a look:


Sharply Structured Tote Bag


A definite must-have for the working ladies, a sharply structured tote bag has a boldly tailored silhouette that never falls flat and always conveys a bold, I-mean-business attitude. We strongly invest you in a luxury designer tote bag, a one-of-its-kind investment that will give your business outfits, power suits and workwear statements an elegant seal of luxury and sophistication.




The ultimate style saviors when it comes to packing up all your stuff in style and striking chic poses at the airport, weekenders are essential for carrying all your belongings and toiletries. Whether you are going on a vacation abroad, a road trip or a modest weekend getaway, these roomy and spacious bags will delight you with their ability to carry all your belongings and necessities with a fashion forward appeal.


Crossbody Bags


Who likes to preciously clutch onto their bags and the belongings inside it as they sway their hips and lose themselves on the dance floor? No one, not a single woman in the world likes to hold onto handbags and cell phones while dancing, but the dilemma of losing one’s bag or phone can truly drive the fun out of dance nights. Unless of course, if you have a crossbody bag that you can just sling onto your shoulder or around the waist, you can enjoy a hands-free moment of glamour as you sway the night away with your partner!


Satchel Bags


The roomier siblings of crossbody bags, satchel bags allow you to carry your belongings and necessities without having to burden your shoulders or wrists with weight. These are incredibly lightweight, versatile and super-functional and you can carry them wherever you want to be. Be it work, college, grocery shopping, or a day at the mall, saddle bags will delight you with their versatile chicness and usability.


Classic Clutches


A black tie or formal statement simply cannot be sealed without an elegant jewelry-like clutch dazzling from your hands, and we strongly advise you to invest in bejeweled pieces. You can choose your pick from a wide variety of trends and variations, such as metallic slabs, beaded designs, sparkly rhinestones, crystal-studded clutches, pearl encrusted designs and a lot more.

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