Zodiac: 10 makeup tips for twins

Zodiac: 10 makeup tips for twins
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Twins in need of makeup tips should look for answers here.

Twins are the third zodiac sign of twelve, they are the ones who were born from May 21st to June 20th quite communicative, which helps Gemini to be good lawyers, writers, paparazzi and journalists. This zodiac sign knows people. Twins have many personality traits and are associated with being curious, loving, and kind.

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The Gemini Sign belongs to the element of air that connects them to all aspects of the mind. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, which represents communication and movement. Twins are the most fissile zodiacs and often have difficulty putting on make-up. But don't worry, here are 10 makeup tips that can help any twin.

10 Follow James Charles

James Charles is currently one of the most influential influencers in the beauty community. If you want to beautify your day, watch a funny video or just learn makeup, it's the best option for you on YouTube.

Another plus for this zodiac sign is that James is also a twin. He has all the characteristics that a twin can have, this character can connect perfectly with him and also learn some makeup tricks.

9 Two-tone eye shadow

This twin zodiac sign requires two-tone eyes! Eye shadows can take your makeup to the next level. Twins can change their makeup look from natural to really glamorous in just a few seconds.

The secret is that you should use two colors instead of one. Twins, after applying your matte hue, season the thing by adding a shimmery hue to the inner corner of the eye or crease.

8 Pearl Blush

Gemini in honor of your birthstone give your cheeks a peach-colored, mother-of-pearl glow, just with a little blush. This zodiac sign will love this step because it gives your complexion a warm and healthy look.

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At least nowadays you could choose from a wide range of colors. From dark, bright colors to coral, pink or peach colors with a little shimmer or completely matt. Twins You can choose what your boat swims and looks best suited to your skin tone. But you can't go wrong with a blush.

7 Follow Your Own Routine

As we know, Gemini hates following an exact makeup routine. You can do it for a day or two, but not for long, otherwise you will go crazy. This zodiac sign does not like to follow other people, they set their own rules.

So twins sit down and plan your makeup routine the way that works best for you. This makes applying makeup a pleasant part of your day.

6 Use More Yellow and Green

If you're an airy and energetic twin, the colors yellow and green help you type in your true, best self. Although these colors can be a little difficult to mix and wear, we promise that this zodiac sign can absolutely rock them.

CONNECTION: 5 action films Twins will love (& 5th will hate) [19659008] Even though twins can say that yellow and green are not suitable for every day. In fact, they're incredibly versatile and flatter most skin types.

5 Air Brush Makeup

As we know, the sign of the twins belongs to the element air, that is the newer tool on the market. An air brush will work wonders for them.

She easily applies your makeup and you look flawless. After one use, this zodiac sign will fall in love with it.

4 Sparkle! Sparkle! Sparkle!

Twins are ruled by the sparkling planet Mercury, which is a sign of their behavior. Because of its sparkle, this zodiac sign is owned by highlighters and their lights. So twins are not shy when it comes to highlighters and bet even more.

3 Always up to date

Twins are known for "knowing everything" and getting to the point. So they're the same when it comes to their makeup, they want it to be flawless. For this zodiac sign to get the look, you should always follow two things.

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First of all, always mix, mix, mix and second, practice makes perfect. When geniuses start incorporating these two things into their makeup routine, their looks are always brought to the point.

2 Mascara is a must

There is no twin who does not have at least one mascara in their make-up collection.

All zodiac signs know that when it comes to makeup mascara, a must. It makes your eyelashes fuller, longer and your eyes more visible. Remember twins who really like to play their beautiful eyes, this is an essential step that cannot be skipped.

1 Improve that pout

Twins, as you may know, your lips speak volumes – and not just words. This zodiac sign is known for its mouth, so play it with the perfect lip color.

You can choose from a variety of neutral, dark, and red colors. And twins don't forget to always have a pot of gloss on hand.

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