We Asked Students About Their Ultimate Uni Essentials And Here’s What They Recommended

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After finding her graduation summer dominated by uncertainty about her career path, pressure to make quick life-impacting decisions and loneliness having left campus life behind, Brontë King founded the Gals Who Graduate support network. The highly active digital community offers students and graduates a hub to share advice and experiences, meet friends and industry connections and seek relevant jobs and opportunities. Today, there is now over 45,000 women who all have a connection to a University experience and a passion to support and guide others. So, since it’s Freshers season, we decided to ask them about their ultimate uni essentials, and here’s what they recommended….

1. A matching loungewear set

Tilly Hale “A matching set was literally all I wore to lectures and around the house. Topshop ones are so comfy and flattering too.”

At uni, comfort is always key. But if you don’t want to feel like you’re basically wearing your pyjamas to uni or just rewearing your oldest hoodie and joggers combination over and over, opt for a matching loungewear set to feel that little more elevated. This oatmeal set for instance has a paper-bag waist and a knitted cardigan for the top so it definitely feels that little more dressed up.

2. A practical backpack

Kirsten Ramsay @kirstenramsay22 “A comfy rucksack! I know you want to look fashionable too, but sometimes bag straps are just too thin for a heavy load of textbooks, so a rucksack is definitely needed!”

Whilst it may look nice to have a shoulder bag when walking around campus, chances are you’ll be uncomfortable and actually also one of the only people wearing one! Most students pick up that backpacks are king pretty soon into the semester, so make sure you’re not without. Our nylon ones have super comfy straps and the neutral colourways mean they’ll pair well with all of your outfits.

3. A cosy coat

Charlotte Dean @charlotte__dean “A really cosy coat to make those winter morning walks to lectures feel like you’re still in bed.”

Really cold winter mornings are on the horizon, which always make walking to your 9am lectures seem even less appealing. To feel like you’ve taken your duvet with you, just wear a faux fur or borg jacket. The best part is that they’re really easy to throw on but can actually make you look really put together. And, if you opt for this leopard print number, you’ll definitely get stopped en route by people asking where your coat is from.

4. A pair of staple jeans

Lauren Armstrong “Always a fan of comfy joggers, but equally a nice pair of jeans and a top can go a long way to making you feel that little bit more put together.”

Like Lauren said, everyone loves a comfy pair of joggers – but if you want to feel a little more polished for lectures or need something for any social occasions – Topshop jeans are your best bet. Mom jeans work for any setting and they’re a little comfier than your classic skinny. We picked out our horoscope ones because they’re sure to act as a great conversation starter too.

5. An oversized hoodie

Plamedie Poto @justplamedie “My essential is an oversized hoodie that’ll keep you warm on days you’re working from your halls”.

An oversized hoodie will definitely keep you warm when working from your halls and it’s a great way to convince yourself to get out of your pyjamas into something just as comfy but a little more socially acceptable to wear outside of the house. You’ll also need these for afternoon supermarket runs, visiting your friends or layered under the cosy coat we mentioned earlier.

Great news! You can pick up all your essentials now with 20% off for students, don’t say we don’t treat you.


​If you’re  looking to join the Gals Who Graduate group, you can join their Facebook group HERE or Instagram HERE.

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