Tova Leigh: F*cked At 40

Tova Leigh: F*cked At 40
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If you’re on the approach to a big birthday and like me you’re feeling a little over-whelmed/in denial/potentially but not definitely in the category of mid-life-crisis then this episode is for you.

Tova Leigh (one of the most talented and hilarious content creators out there) was getting on with life as a mother in her 40’s when she realised that she just wasn’t fulfilled. To everyone else she had the perfect life but inside she felt trapped, empty and redundant as a

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In this episode we talk about changing our lives and re-discovering ourselves as women. From climbing Everest to going to sex parties, Tova has done things her way but I hope that whatever stage of life you find yourself at, if you’re feeling the need to be you again, that this incredible episode will inspire you to make that change.

I can’t recommend Tova’s book enough by the way. You can get F*cked At 40 here:

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