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In the past few months, most of us have started to live in comfortable casual wear. But as summer approaches and we adapt to spending more time at home, we are thirsty for look and style again – something that is instantly resolved with a day dress.

go & # 39; dress – do not rely on the combination of ups and downs, just wear it with your favorite pair of sandals and your ready to face the world. lounge. What we love about Monsoon dresses is the wide variety of midi lengths; they also have tons of sleeve options covering the arms and most importantly the quality. The focus is on eco-friendly fabrics – organic cottons, breathable linens and durable viscose mean the life cycle of these garments is long, so you will wear them over and over again. Monson is a brand that has focused on ethics and sustainability long before it was in fashion, which means that compared to the rest of the main street, they have a length of # 39; ahead of their game. This summer, more than 50% of the entire collection was made in a sustainable way and their goal for the not too distant future of 2023 is to make more than 90% of their total range with fabrics. durable.

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Helen Wall, Communications Manager, Monsoon Brand, Says: "This season has been completely changed by Lock down…. We see fashion in a whole new light as we start to see ourselves differently. The season has become optimism, quality and comfort. Overall, it is about being respectful of the environment and the people around us. Monsoon products are produced with care and with versatility in mind.

If you like color and print, Monsoon is definitely the place to go. The prints are energetic and upbeat with abstract flowers, spots, palms and stripe / tie dye. The best monsoon dresses to buy now

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