Oakland County Sheriff's Office holding self-defense classes for women outdoors starting Sept. 19

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If you were attacked would you know what to do? Would you know how to defend yourself?

“We really want to mentally prepare you, mentally prepare you and physically prepare you if something is going to happen,” said Lt. Jen Miles.

Lt. Miles is the coordinator and lead instructor of the Oakland County Sheriff Office’s women’s self-defense classes.

Despite COVID-19 – the sheriff’s office is hosting free in-person classes in September and October at Oakland County Parks.

“We intend to have it outside so you can do a good-sized crowd and you can do physical activities and do it in a safe fashion,” said Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard.

Miles teaches self-defense moves in a way that’s easy to understand and interpret.

“If this were the target out here, we want an (arm) extension first and down through the target and follow all the way through,” she said. “We follow it all the way through because our arms weigh two pounds and our body weighs what our body weighs.”

The sheriff’s office is encouraging all women to sign up for self-defense classes.

“It is for any female 14 and older who lives, plays and works in Oakland County in the way they feel most comfortable,” Miles said.

“Predators look for victims, look for people of all ages to try and find the opportunity to victimize someone,” Bouchard said.

And that’s why Miles says it’s important to learn how to defend yourself.

“We’ve been able to reach ladies who are in wheelchairs, women who are on the spectrum, we have been able to reach deaf participants,” Miles said. “Even if you’re pregnant or you’re coming off an injury, you still have to deal with it every day. So we would love to have you in class so you can deal with whatever your physical restrictions may be.”

The classes will be held at Oakland County parks beginning September 19th, see below for details. 

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