Nykaa Love Bug Gloss it Up High Shine Lip Gloss Review Photos

Nykaa Love Bug Gloss it Up High Shine Lip Gloss Review Photos
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Today’s review is about Nykaa Love Bug Gloss it Up High Shine Lip Gloss. As we are going through a ‘mask in’ phase, lip products are not ‘the’ makeup product for now. However, lip tints and glosses are your best friend when you are attending a webinar or online meeting sessions.Nykaa Love Bug Gloss it Up High Shine Lip Gloss Review Photos

You need to look presentable for a formal meeting and that’s when a tinted gloss saves your day. Just a bit of concealer, flushed cheeks, a flick of mascara and a tad bit of gloss takes your ‘pro at home’ look to the next level. Red is an universal colour that looks beautiful on everyone.

When it comes to gloss, I always prefer red. Here’s my two cents on my current favourite red lip gloss Nykaa Love Bug Gloss it Up High Shine Lip Gloss .Nykaa Love Bug Gloss it Up High Shine Lip Gloss Review Photos

About Nykaa Love Bug Gloss it Up High Shine Lip Gloss

Nykaa Gloss it Up! High-shine Lip Gloss comes with a reputation to make you ultra glam! Finally, a lip gloss that is sexy and comfy at the same time!

Enriched with a new light-magnifying technology, this lip gloss gives you absolute color purity with a shine that is sure to steal the spotlight! Its cushiony formula hugs your lips to give you an irresistible juicy pout.

No tackiness and no grittiness, this gloss is all about hi-shine glamour!


1. Infused with light-magnifying technology

2. Long wearing and feather-proof

3. Absolute color purityNykaa Love Bug Gloss it Up High Shine Lip Gloss Review Photos

Packaging: It comes in a square shaped clear plastic tube. The screw lid is black in colour. It has a applicator attached to its lid. The paddle applicator eases the application process.

The tube comes packed in a red cardboard box . Nykaa provides protectives boxes like this for most of their makeup products. All the informative details are given in that outer pack.

If you lose it like me, you have to trust online sources to take a look at the ingredients. Overall, the packaging is good and user-friendly.

Shade, Pigmentation & Staying Power: Nykaa Gloss it Up range has a total of 9 shades. The shades are numbered as well as named. I have bought the 08 shade.

It’s name is Love Bug. Love Bug is a warm red shade. It has a yellow-orange undertone. The shade is universal. It complements Indian skin tones really well.

For a lip gloss, this is very pigmented. I get almost opaque finish when I apply a generous amount. The shade comes as a nice translucent red for pigmented lips. For my lips it’s a bold red gloss.

It does not last long. This too lasts only for 2-3 hours. It transfers heavily too. If you drink something, you’ll leave a stark gloss mark on the cup.

Consistency: It is a medium thick gloss. It is not a apply and set lip tint. It does not settle down on the lips and tint them. I don’t like lip products that leave deep tint behind. I never apply too much of it. I don’t like the feel when hair sticks on my lip gloss.

Fragrance: This has vanilla fragrance. Many Nykaa’s inhouse makeup products have this fragrance. I love fruity fragrances in my lip glosses. I know fragrance has nothing to do with the performance of a makeup product. Still, I can’t control my lust for fragrant lip glosses.

Quantity & Price: Nykaa Love Bug Gloss it Up High Shine Lip Gloss costs Rs.450 for 5ml. For a lip product does need frequent reapplication, the price seems a bit heavy.

Nykaa has mini sizes for many of their products but this lip gloss comes in full size only. You may get 20-30% discount on sale time.

My Overall Thoughts: 

I have used glosses from various brands. Revlon, Lakme, Bobby Brown… I have used both high ends and pocket-friendly ones. After using so many brands and finishes of gloss, I can say all glosses are pretty much same at what they do. They keep the lips look plum and provide light tint.

Considering these facts, Nykaa one gets a shout out from me for being so pigmented. I sometimes use it as my go to blush. It gives a dewy red flushed look to my cheeks. Most of the time I use a drop of gloss to my lips and then blend with my fingers.

It makes my lips look natural yet gives a light tint. I sometimes use it with orange lipsticks. It makes them more wearable.

Rating: 4/5


*Written By Sreeparna

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