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Let’s talk about hair. Beautiful, silky, WOW hair — hair of incredible excellence you can achieve too. 

My INSTAGRAM contest encouraged all girls out there to share how they felt about their hair. I would pick three girls to win a #FusioWOW experience at the TEO Hair Salon in Kifissia. The first winner would share the experience with me while the two others would book their appointments when preferable.

Given that I always travel and I am constantly on the move, I did not have the opportunity to bring one of the girls along, so I enjoyed the treatment alone. Continue rading to find out more about the Fusio Dose ritual by Ktrastase and what makes it SO unique and absolutely necessary for your hair — in my honest opinion. 


The Fusio Dose treatment is a customized in-salon treatment created by the hair stylist who picks between 4 concentrates and 5 boosters for the best tailor-made solution for your specific hair needs. The personalized combination treats and transforms the hair for lasting results. 

My hair transformation began at the wash-basin. 

The first step to perfectly healthy hair is the in salon diagnosis to determine the best hair products for my hair type. Before experiencing the #FusioWOW treatment, my hair stylist chose the best shampoo to compliment the process: Kérastase Bain Divalent to purify and treat oily roots and Kérastase Bain Densité for thickness and volume — both much-needed products for my hair! 

The Booster Densité used afterwards was targeting my hair’s lack of density while the Concentré Vita-Ciment would help with restoration and shine; the magic combination was finally ready! After the application and wash off, I felt so relaxed and pampered, I couldn’t help thinking that this was one of the most magical experiences I’ve had so far! 

It is so much more than a casual visit at your local hair salon. 

The products are specifically chosen for your hair needs to make your appointment well-worth it. You are UNIQUE and you will be treated like so with a customized treatment and tailor-made products that will make you feel like the queen you are! 

The Power Booster Densité for hair restoration

Τhe Concentré Vita-Ciment for reconstruction and shine




After the treatment, me and George Sfakianakis, my hair stylist and owner of the Teo Hair Design Salon enjoyed our brekfast and coffee together at the entrance of his salon in Kifissia. The salon is like a beauty oasis and his family’s history as told by George was the WOW moment of the day.  

A legacy passing on from father to son, an art and a huge love and dedication to hair styling that made me feel blessed and super happy for working with dedicated professionals who live and breathe to offer the very best! 



Much love to George and his team for the wonderful experience!

You should definitely check out the Kérastase hair salons in your area and give the Fusio Dose treatment a try!


Maria Kalymnou

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