Meet The Cast Of The Topshop 2020 Christmas Campaign ‘The Ones We Love’

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This festive season, we want to celebrate the people and little moments of joy that shape the world around us. So, for our Christmas campaign: The Ones We Love, we’ll  be shining the spotlight on exciting new talent and friends of the brand, shot alongside their loved ones. On the shoot, we interviewed the cast members and asked them about everything from their go-to winter outfit to what Christmas means to them and the advice they’d give to their younger selves. Keep reading to see the cast members in our edit of cosy and glam styles for any occasion this festive season, and find out a little more about them while you’re at it…

1. Dylan Weller and Betty Belle

Having worked with a range of brands from Off-White to Versace, DJ and model, Betty-Belle (right) has been lauded for bringing high energy entertainment with her genre-blending sets. Childhood friends with co-star Dylan Weller (left), the pair have grown up together both in LA and London. Stylist, Model and daughter of music legend, Paul Weller, Dylan has worked with Fred Perry, Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood and is now music editor of independent magazine, Vingt Sept. 

What’s your go-to winter outfit?
Betty: I’d probably go for a pair of boots, with some tights underneath, a long-sleeve roll neck, a jumper and then a long Sherlock Holmes coat.
Dylan: I’d have to just wear a tracksuit, but it needs to be matching and paired with trainers.
Betty: In winter as well, I like a long dress, tights and then a long sleeve underneath.
Dylan: Do you know what? I just like to be cosy.

What is Christmas about for you?
Betty: Christmas is about spending time with the family and just settling down. It’s just a great time to chill, because you never usually get that time. We had the lockdown, but that’s different.
Dylan: Yeah Christmas is going to be different this year.
Betty: Be grateful as well – I think Christmas is a really good period to look back and reflect on the year and set new goals. I love Christmas.

2. Valentina Sampaio

23-year-old Brazilian-native, Valentina Sampaio has made history in both her modelling career and her trans-activism. The first trans woman to have graced covers of both Vogue Paris and Sports Illustrated, Valentina is committed to amplifying the voices of the LGBTQIA+ community.

What advice would you give to your younger self?
I would say, don’t care too much about people’s judgement. But at the same time I would say, ‘you did great’ because the person I am today is because of the kid I was before.

What is your favourite Christmas memory?
My favourite Christmas memory is the first dress my mum gave to me as a Christmas present. This was a special moment for me, because at that moment I felt like my family had accepted me and I had their approval.

3. Danika Magdelena, Aliyah Bee & Ocean Lewis

Better known by the moniker ‘Sirius Film’ Danika Magdelena’s analogue photography is building a cult-fan following and proving to be in demand, with a client roster of Maya Jama, J Hus, Dina Asher-Smith and even Arsenal FC. Spotlighted on Vogue’s Black Creatives To Watch list, the visual artist is due to prosper and is a name to learn. Co-starring with Danika are good friends and fellow London-based creatives, Ocean Lewis & Aliyah Bee. Alongside modelling for household brands Adidas and Nike and founding ‘37’, her hand-painted bespoke clothing range, Ocean is an aspiring athlete to watch out for. South-African-born, YouTube and Instagram sensation Aliyah, is renowned for her content across fashion, lifestyle and beauty.

Describe your ideal night together?
Ocean: Good vibes, out all night or a good film or good series.
Aliyah, Danika: Good music!
Ocean: Good conversation! One of those conversations that leave you feeling uplifted and inspired.
Aliyah: Yeah, like asking how is everyone? How’s your mental health?
Danika: What’s good? You know, what’s really good?

What’s the biggest lesson you learnt in 2020?
Aliyah: Sometimes you just need to change your lens, because you can’t control every situation – but you can control how you know it, view it and react to it.
Danika: Not to take things too seriously, because there’s so much to live and be hopeful for. And the pandemic made me see how I should spend my time doing what makes me happy.
Ocean: All of those lessons too, but also separating my ego from my actual being because that is the thing that hurts you and not who you truly are.

4. Gracey

Brighton-raised rising pop star, Gracey was due to headline her first tour for 2020 and promises to be a big name, having her single ‘Don’t Need Love’ with 220 KID reach UK Top 10. Despite her young age, Gracey has written music for the likes of legends, Kylie Minogue, Sub Focus and Jonas Blue.

What makes you happiest?
My family, music and fresh bed sheets. That’s all I need.

How will you be spending Christmas this year?
I have two older brothers and one has just become a doctor, so he’ll be working on the wards this Christmas and we’re so proud of him – but of course it’s going to be a little different. But I think it will be different for everyone and change isn’t always bad. Change can also be good, so hopefully we can make it special. A couple reruns of The Grinch will sort us right out!

5. Taylor Hill

Colorado-raised supermodel and friend of the brand, Taylor Hill, returns as one of the many campaign stars of 2020. Seizing the industry’s attention early on in her career and fronting her very first sole campaign for Topshop in 2016, Taylor joined the likes of Topshop alumni, Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber.

What message would you share with The Ones You Love this Christmas?
This year has been very strange and often daunting at times, so I am grateful to have the ones I love to navigate this new normal with. It’s still going to be a great holiday because we will all be together.

What do your family and friendship mean to you?
It means everything to me. I value and appreciate my friends and family and wouldn’t be where I am without them and their support.

6. Chey Maya & Ashton Gohil

Regular collaborators to the brand and power couple Chey Maya and Ashton Gohil, have a combined modelling portfolio to be envied. Having worked amongst some of the biggest names in the business across international fashion weeks, these two are quickly becoming recognisable faces in the industry.

How did you two meet?
Ash: We both have different stories for this. We were friends for six months and then we started dating.
Chey: Well, my story is that I reached out to him and he aired me. Then a year later, things were different and he slid into my DMs and then we took it from there.
Ashton: Yeah she did message me on Twitter and we had a really dire conversation and nothing ever happened. Then six or seven months later we actually met and we got to know each other.
Chey: He’s my best friend.

What Christmas tradition do you love the most?
Chey: My favourite has to be getting out of the country and going somewhere hot! We also usually go to my family’s home in Mauritius – we do things a bit differently.
Ashton: Yeah it’s different on the beach.

7. Michele Opiyo

Kenyan-born, Michele Opiyo is a fresh face, scouted through Instagram, and one to watch in the years to come. Having only modelled for over a year, Michele has made leaps and bounds, working with the likes of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and was featured on the cover of LOVE magazines ‘LOVE Diaries’ this August. 

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt this year?
I was raised in a big family so I learnt how to live alone and value my space. But it’s also so important to focus on the people around us, we really need each other.

If you had one wish for 2021, what would it be?
My dream for 2021 is to be able to sponsor at least one child by paying their school fees, be it high school or college. For me, growing up, I was raised by a single mum so it was quite hard to pay for education so I’d love to do that for someone else.


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