I Just Really Need to Talk About Moira Rose's Bedtime Vest and Brooch Collection

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Any passionate Schitt’s Creek fan, myself included, worships at the stiletto-swathed feet of the style icon that is Moira Rose. But whereas most focus on oohing and aahing at the former soap star’s glitzy costume jewelry and seemingly endless collection of wigs, I can’t help but focus on her penchant for over-the-top pajamas. It’s a travesty that Moira’s bedtime outfit choices aren’t celebrated as much as they deserve to be, and it’s about time we change that.

Although it’s never outwardly addressed by her or any other members of the Rose family, Moira casually (or shall I say not-so-casually) slips into bed each night wearing a matching silk PJ set accessorized with a buttoned suit vest and shiny, chunky brooch. Meanwhile, I’m over here wearing the same ragged t-shirt from my high school soccer team and a pair of ill-fitting shorts with a frayed hem and drawstring that hangs down to my knees. But I digress.

Moira’s fancy jammies serve as a reminder that the Roses came from a wealth that she still clings to.

Much like the rest of Moira’s wardrobe, her fancy jammies serve as a reminder that the Roses came from a wealth that she still clings to despite their move to the decidedly unglamorous town of Schitt’s Creek. Catherine O’Hara, the genius actress underneath Moira’s revolving stockpile of wigs, played a key role in bringing her luxe bedtime ensembles to life, as she specifically suggested the pajama-vest idea to the show’s cocreator Dan Levy.

Fellow Schitt’s Creek fans, kindly pour yourself a glass of Herb Ertlinger fruit wine, sit back, and join me in admiring Moira’s array of pajama vests ahead.

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