Della Beauty: Seasonally fresh arrival

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We at Della Beauty and Fashion are coming with a new collection of beauty products. Our newest product is a skin care repair formula and an anti-wrinkle mask.

PHNOM PENH, PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA, June 13, 2020 / – A prestigious brand Della Beauty is officially launching its new collection of new clean skin care series with this season's unique anti-wrinkle and skin repair formula. Our every della beauty product is formulated with a special ingredient in order to achieve a stronger skin penetration with greater effect.

“With the year of stem cell research, it's really exciting to see how the vision becomes fruitful when you see the trust and radiance of our users. "- CEO Della Beauty. With the same positive effect, we planned to launch a full line of advanced anti-aging formulas for every skin type. Here are these effective product lines:

Dell Beauty Stem Cell: This product feature is a sought-after active ingredient such as stem cells, which itself fights the premature sign of aging and early wrinkles.This interesting skin care option works against skin aging and actively moisturizes.Our main goals in stem cell serum are the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and an improved skin structure, moisture and Rashes.

It also helps people greatly reduce their skin sensitivity through efficient and exquisite skin care treatments.

Della Premium Whitening Masks: With this stimulating skin care product, we want to help customers who spend less money and time on the right skin care solutions want the content fabrics from Della's Whitening Masks are blended to create a unique formulation that changes the whole concept of skin care. This mask is enriched with repair options that deeply cleanse the skin while maintaining moisture.

Della Beauty Coco Soap: cleaning and recovery agent in one product. Yes! Coco has the quality to cleanse your skin thoroughly and take care of it with zero or zero side effects. Della Beauty Coco Soap is a soft or non-rough formulation for all skin types that need an oil-free moisturizer to maintain and protect the skin. Its acne control formula helps fight blemishes and breakouts with maximum effectiveness.

About Della Beauty

Della Beauty is one of the most prestigious beauty brands in Cambodia and offers various skin care solutions that best suit the skin types. Our motto has always been to revive beauty in need with fantasy collections. The Della product range was introduced to make the best Cambodian beauty brand a new highlight by highlighting all skin features according to the current season. Find out more about our beauty products, skin care routine, the latest make-up ideas, tips and much more about Della Beauty and Fashion.

However, always remember to maintain the skin regularly with natural artificial media. So always pamper your skin with special care!

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