Dabur Almond Hair Oil Review Photos Price

Dabur Almond Hair Oil Review Photos Price
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Dabur Almond Hair Oil is on our today’s review platter. Dabur is a very famous Indian brand as we all know. Not just their ayurvedic remedies and supplements, their skin and haircare  products are also extraordinary.Dabur Almond Hair Oil Review Photos Price

Regular application of almond oil helps to heal dullness, dryness and prevents split ends. I have been going through a bad bout of dandruff for quite some time. Medicated dandruff shampoos have made my hair moislureless and rough. That’s why I decided to introduce almond oil in my hair care.

Among commonly available almond based hair oils Dabur and Bajaj are much loved. The Bajaj one gives me excessive hairfall so I zeroed on Dabur Almond Hair Oil. Here’s what I have to say about this hair oil.Dabur Almond Hair Oil Review Photos Price

About Dabur Almond Hair Oil

Enriched with the goodness of Almond protein and Vitamin E, regular use of Dabur Almond Hair Oil help prevent split-ends and hair loss, promote hair growth and restore the natural moisture of the scalp; thus giving you longer, thicker & lustrous hair. 


1. Prevents hair breakage & damage

2. Nourishes the scalp

3. Rich in Vitamin E

4. Softens your hair & make them glow

Dabur Almond Hair Oil Review Photos Price

Packaging: It comes in a transparent glass bottle. The cap is made up of plastic and has flip-open mechanism. Glass bottles are great for preserving efficacy of a product but they are quite tricky to handle too.

I have to be extra careful with the bottle or it may break. The bottle has ergonomic shape. Complete ingredient list is provided in the labels of the oil bottle. I won’t say the packaging is travel-friendly. However, it’s spill-proof.

Colour & Consistency: The oil looks pale yellow in the bottle. It looks colourless when poured out in small amount. The texture of the oil is light to moderate. It is not super thin like dry oils. It is a ‘type 3’ oil. That means it has a high amount of filler oils like mineral oil.

Most store-bought non-sticky fragrant hair oils are of this type. Dabur Almond Hair Oil has 74% mineral oil and 23% of almond and vegetable oil mixture. The formula is non-greasy if you apply in small amount.Dabur Almond Hair Oil Review Photos Price

Fragrance: This oil has a heavy floral fragrance. If you don’t like strongly fragrant hair oils, better to skip this one. However, if you like good smelling hair all day long, this might fit your palate.

Quantity & Price: Dabur Almond Hair Oil is priced at Rs.65 for 100ml. 50ml, 200ml and 300ml packs are also available for this oil. This is a pocket-friendly hair oil.

It is available widely on online stores and offline. Dabur often runs good discounts and offers on this. I got a 50ml bottle free with this 100ml offer pack.

My Overall Thoughts:

Before moving to my experience, let me clear some facts about this hair oil. This is not a 100% pure almond oil. This mineral oil based hair oil has only 23% almond oil. I have very dry hair with oily scalp. I do heavy oiling on my hair twice a week. I only apply this oil on my hair strands. I have to keep the oil in my hair for overnight.

Only 2-3 hours oil treatment does not bring much changes in my hair. The oil is light and has a very nice fragrance. It helps to relax and rejuvenate after a long day. When I wash the oil off my hair the next day, the hair feels softer and smoother. Regular use has helped with split ends too.

Hair stays more manageable and less tangle-prone. But, the sad part is, this oil gives me clogged pores and bumpy acne. My acne prone skin reacts with any hair oil, be it natural or mineral oil based. 

Rating: 3/5


*Written By Sreeparna

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