Captivating AI Enhanced 1904 Film of Edwardian Girls

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Brought to life using AI 4K upscaling and 60 fps frame interpolation, a 1904 film of Edwardian women punching time sheets. Interpolated from original 15 fps to 60 fps, for added depth awareness, up-scaled to 4 K, and finally colorized using AI algorithms. We also added an ambient soundtrack.

Filmed at Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company. by American Mutoscope and Biograph Company.Cinematographer G.W Bitzer.

The original footage held by Library of Congress is rather poor quality.

By increasing frames from 15 to 60 fps, we think we brought some life back to this little time capsule. A chance to see with added clarity the true Edwardian walking skirts and blouse fashion that were the staple daily style for women nearly 120 years ago.
Bear in mind all these ladies were also wearing corsets.

Ai Enhanced: 1904 Film of Edwardian Women clocking in at work.

Restoring a 1904 Film with Motion Interpolation

Some of the neural networks like Dain, and DeOldify are freely available on the Github community, if you are prepared to learn how to use Google Colab. You can also try the DainApp for desktop, but will need a computer with a good graphics card, and lots and lots of patience. It’s a time consuming process.

60 fps - 1904 film of Edwardian women
Edwardian women clock in to work – AI restored 1904 film

How to restore old film through AI interpolation and upscaling

In my own case, I took the original 15 fps film available from the Library of Congress.

  1. Removed artifacts and noise.
  2. Interpolated new frames ( from 15 to 60 fps) using the DainApp, to add depth awareness
  3. Then I upscaled the original 360p film to 4 K resolution using Topaz Gigapixel.
  4. The final result was then colorized using a neural network process called DeOldify.
    I’m still not sold on the colorization process, but felt it enhanced this footage which was filmed in a rather dark interior setting.
AI enhanced 1904 film of Edwardian women
Real Edwardian Gibson Girls – AI Enhanced film

Bitzer, G. W., Camera, American Mutoscope And Biograph Company, and Paper Print Collection. Girls taking time checks, Westinghouse works. United States: American Mutoscope and Biograph Company, 1904.

Video retrieved from the Library of Congress here.

That’s all ! © Glamour Daze

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