California, Here’s How You Can Help Those Who’ve Been Keeping YOUR Life Together, During this Pandemic…

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Disclosure: This post is part of a paid sponsorship with Yes on 22.

Can we get a little personal and real for a minute? I’m a millennial living in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Yes, I’ve earned extra income from the various app services. I’ve been there… but it was always an awkward fit for me.  This is exactly why I wanted to work with the Yes on Prop 22 campaign!

My name is Brianna McDonnell and I’m a Los Angeles based freelancer. I have held many jobs in the last ten years. I moved to Los Angeles ten years ago to pursue my dream of being an actor.

This quickly took a left turn into starting my blog, The B Word. And now? I now work as a social media strategist and creative director, while pursuing acting and running The B Word.

The B Word Blog on Prop 22
The B Word Blog shot by @mattstatsnaps

Along the way I’ve also worked retail, sold clothing online, been a nanny, a content producer, an Uber driver, a project manager, a creative director, an assistant, delivered Postmates, a social media manager and 10,000 other independent contractor type jobs.

My story is not unique at all to Los Angeles.

Not only have I worked as a freelancer, I have hired a team of freelancers for The B Word, who all have multiple clients.

With the stay at home order in California lasting almost the entirety of 2020, I cannot be the only one using these driver-based apps.

The B Word Blog on Prop 22
Image via @mattstatsnaps

They’ve saved my life, and stomach, and sanity!

Dinner? Let’s Postmates that!

Groceries? Instacart has got me covered!

Liquor? Delivered!

And the driver-based apps help make all of that possible…

These jobs have become essential and have essentially gotten us through the Rona. When people lost their jobs and needed income, these driver-based apps have been a solution to start working and earning immediately. 

Why Should We Care About This?

The B Word Blog on Prop 22
The B Word Blog via @mattstatsnaps

Did I mention Los Angeles was one of the most expensive cities to live in?!

When discussing livable wages, are we taking in account our fellow freelancers? YES on 22, means we are giving drivers more of the earnings. All while funding health benefits for drivers who work at least 15 hours.

Listen, I was an Uber driver for three whole days. I still remember my first Uber customer!

Yes on Prop 22 means drivers get more than minimum wage and a mileage reimbursement. They get to keep their flexible schedules. Oh, and a major thing… they get health benefits!

Health insurance alone has me thinking of getting behind the Uber wheel again! So, it’s not surprising that drivers support Prop 22.

The B Word Blog on Prop 22
Image via @mattstatsnaps

Another major point?

It’s that it will help keep our communities safer by continuing background checks on all drivers. Being a rideshare customer, this is a major concern of mine. Prop 22 is protecting jobs, increasing pay and making our communities safer!

I share all this to say, like the 2020 Presidential election, Prop 22 is of the utmost importance to California residents like myself, this November.

With ballots hitting mailboxes in less than 2 WEEKS, please make sure to register to vote. Make sure you have all your information and are being mindful of dates for mail in ballots.

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Disclosure: This post is part of a paid sponsorship with Yes on 22.Yes on 22

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