Black Beauty business owner about the changes the industry really needs to make

Black Beauty business owner about the changes the industry really needs to make
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"Supporting the black community should not be a fad or be done in any way to temporarily benefit the company. It should be a real obligation to uplift and promote black people."

"Brands should try to be inclusive. They should include black models and brand ambassadors in their marketing campaigns. They should have represented black people on their management board and create growth pipelines for minority employees. Consistent efforts must also be made to help organizations support, whose core mission is to promote black community prosperity, and finally, investors should try to fund black-owned businesses and charities to position them for success. When brands emerge for the black community, they affect others, the same to do. "

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" Two indie brands that I think should be considered are Danessa Myricks & AJ Crimson Beauty who Manufacture quality products s and a real dialogue with their consumers. They are both independent brands with very loyal followers, as they continue to be committed to serving both everyday consumers and the pro artist community. "

" In order to create meaningful, lasting representation and economic change, there must be black people at the executive level in the rooms where recruitment decisions are made. Cosmetics brands often turn to black creatives for advice, but overlook black makeup artists, hairdressers, and wardrobe talent to get paid opportunities. "

" Beyond the hashtags and occasional / mandatory use of black models, make-up brands should be reachable to experienced black artists who have legitimate voices in their craft and who pay to learn about product ideas, color ranges and trend needs of the To advise market that are specific to our community. "

" Makeup is an emotional purchase, so it is important that brands take care when formulating basic colors for black consumers. This is the first opportunity to win or lose your trust. Many brands only talk to black creatives if they have to push ahead with the start of the foundation or another "special" initiative. Then it continues as usual. There needs to be a constant dialogue with the community that you want to serve authentically. Research shows that, on average, black customers spend more per transaction than any other ethnic group. We deserve respect from the brands we use to spend our dollars. "

Other ways to support black people in beauty:

Now look at Skai Jackson's 10-minute makeup routine:

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