13 Bold Watches That Break Away from Boring

13 Bold Watches That Break Away from Boring
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Personal style can be a fickle mistress. What looked good for you in your early 20s might not work well when you’re 30, not just because your own face and body go through changes but also because how you communicate who you are through your wardrobe can and should evolve over time. Sticking with basic principles of style keeps things safe, but you can certainly deviate in other areas without risking totally misguided style.

Fashion trends also change year after year. Bootcut jeans were replaced by slim fit denim, business casual is slowly being pushed out by smart casual which is being challenged by loungewear, and it’s no longer too edgy to wear pristine sneakers with a suit. And while the classics like work boots, button-up shirts, and blue blazers never seem to go out of style, sometimes it just feels good to break the mold with a key piece. 

That’s where a boldly styled wristwatch can play a key role, and it can be at any price point. No, it doesn’t mean breaking out that gold nugget watch grammy bought you from the Franklin Mint, but it should mean taking the right risks to depart from what’s conventional. Although we’re not recommending you get rid of that classic Omega Speedmaster you inherited from your father (because that will never go out of style), we are advocates of exploring more unique watches without draining your bank account. 

Here are our choices for boldly styled watches that can change the way you look without undergoing a total makeover.

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