10 makeup tips for Aquarius

10 makeup tips for Aquarius
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Oh, Aquarius. Perhaps one of the most disrespectful signs of the zodiac out there, those born between January 21st and February 19th are quite known to march in time with their own drums. If there is a humanitarian cause they can use their energy for, they will. All of this is unconventional and outside the box. Aquarists jump on it quickly.

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These traits are often translated into the way they present themselves to the world. If you are an Aquarius yourself, we are willing to bet that your style cannot be defined in a single sentence, and every time you walk out the door, you will likely surprise some people. But because style doesn't just stop at clothing, you may be looking for a range of makeup tips that inspire you and make your personality shine – so here they are!

10 Ditch The Full Coverage Foundation [19659005] There's absolutely nothing wrong with glamorous make-up. With the advent of the YouTube beauty gurus and the typical "Instagram" look, this type of makeup has become very typical. People often forget that the makeup looks pretty calm when you're not under studio flash and apply a cake-like filter.

Aquarists don't want to fit in, and they certainly don't want to hide. The best thing you can do for your makeup routine and skin is to give up the full coat of foundation and opt for a good concealer instead. Say goodbye to clogged pores and welcome a fresher, brighter complexion!

9 Choose the most electric eyeshadows

Of course, aquarists tend to instinctively use stronger colors and unexpected tones. Sure, your typical bare eye and golden eye shadow always look good if you're not sure what to do. But to stay true to your living astrological roots, the best option is to grab a colorful palette.

And you don't have to choose a sound spectrum and stay there. Just give it a try and mix pink with blue, oranges with green, yellow with red and everything in between. This zodiac sign is nothing if not creative. So let your intuition lead you through your eyes!

8 Neon Eyeliner is right for you

Let's talk eyeliner about eyes. The black cat eye should be a staple in everyone's makeup repertoire, and it's always wise to play around with your wing to find out what suits you best and how to get that flawless look.

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But who says you have to settle for a black eyeliner? There's no shortage of fun colored eyeliner, and as neon becomes more popular, it's time for all aquarists to start experimenting. Your eyes will burst like never before and your nights will be given a whole new light.

7 Blue is the color to look for

Even though Aquarius is an air sign and not a watermark, as many people often believe, there is only one thing about the color blue that resonates with them stands that were born under this name. And you're in luck, because blue is one of those colors that anyone can rock, regardless of skin color or hair color.

The use of blue in the area of ​​makeup is endless. In your case, try going back to the 80s and bringing back the blue eyeshadow look that nobody wants to try these days. You are the disrespectful, Aquarius, so do it.

6 Bedazzle Those Lips

Naked lipstick is just too boring for this zodiac sign. In fact, lipstick for lipstick is simply not enough for an Aquarius who is always looking for a way to cross borders and surprise those around them.

Leave the idea behind that lips can only be decorated lipstick and shine. They are better equipped than anyone to go the extra mile and add some glitter and multiple shades to your next lip look. Vaseline is your best friend in this endeavor!

5 Use your nails as a canvas

Makeup doesn't stop with eyeshadow and lipstick. Especially for aquarists who are constantly looking for new ways to express their infinite creativity, make-up is a wonderful way to consistently cross borders.

Your nails are as much a blank canvas as your face. And with all the tools we have today, creating nail art is easier than ever. On Youtube you will find a variety of tutorials that show you unique patterns and ideas for decorating your nails.

4 Let your causes shine through your product selection

Anyone who knows anything about astrology knows that aquarists are often known to support humanitarian purposes. They do not stand for injustice and often make great efforts to fight for the causes they believe in, no matter what they are.

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How can you better support your concerns than through your personal decisions? When it's time to choose the products you use in your makeup routine, do your research and make sure you choose brands that are cruelty-free and stand for ethical practices. There are many of them out there, and a simple Google search will tell you everything you need to know.

3 Turn it on!

Impatient and ingenious as they are, Aquarians will never be able to stay at a single glance. It is in their nature to always look for what is unique, what stands out, what is fresh and original.

If you are an Aquarius, these words will definitely resonate with you. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to keep experimenting with your makeup. Don't be afraid of the end result and just have fun with it!

2 Be as authentic as you can and go naked

Make-up is a wonderful way to articulate and be creative. It's just another art form that allows people to experiment with the things they love about themselves, becoming the ultimate form of self-expression.

However, always remember that it is infinitely beautiful to have a bare face. It may be unthinkable for many, but Aquarians should not fear it. If you give your face a break from time to time, it not only works wonders for your skin, it also reminds you and others around you that self-expression can be found in what is naked.

1 Makeup Time Is Me Time

If there is one thing that Aquarius natives are, it is independent. They often have difficulty showing emotions, and they find a lot of peace when they are alone to do their own thing, relax, and get in touch with themselves.

Therefore, Aquarius, keep in mind that face painting is also time for you. Treat it like a ritual of self-care, a moment when you can be alone with yourself and do whatever you want while indulging in all those beautiful eye shadows and electric lipsticks!

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