Fashion Jewelry – This is a collection of jewelry that looks elegant and charming to be an interesting collection. The bracelets for women who present with a variety of patterns and materials. Designed by reliable and reputed designer bracelets so this is one of branded jewelry collection. Just look at every design presented in each bracelets designed by Burberry. One of the unique design is perspex bracelet that will be a beautiful and elegant collection for women. It was designed with two color options clove red and orange, certainly with a unique style, which is geometric pattern.

In addition, there are also leather bracelets which looks stunning with its unique design as well. This course is suitable for those who have allergies to metal jewelry. Bracelets of this type, in addition to its unique design, it was made of leather with brass trim. For your ease in use, is complemented by a snap hinge closure. And more looks simple, but do not leave the impression of elegant, bangles bracelets are presented with color looks natural. There is also a bangle designed by Burberry with its handle in the form of fox heads. This is a luxury jewelry that you can match with other accessories from Burberry, For more details, you can look at the pictures of Burberry below.

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