Burberry Watches – This is a beautiful accessories to adorn the hands of the  women who are concerned about beauty. This rose gold-plated watches for  women who present with a variety of models. In any part in these watches it says “BURBERRY” which indicates that this is a branded collection. Besides the gold layer which is located on its case also add a beautiful appearance of this watch Colors were presented was varied for this type of watch. Ranging from white to rose gold.

One of this collection is a watches that comes with a sapphire crystal face and the base color on any part of its that is white. in addition, gold coating presented by Burberry at the case and its bracelets. There are two kinds of the rose gold watches are the based in white color are watch  with 38 MM case and a 34 MM case. There is also the same color and the gold layer which is located on the cases and bracelets, is also presented but also with different color in the base material of the watch, that is a bit brown color displays.

There are also presented watches with leather strap. That is a watch that is perfect for those who are allergic to metal objects. It is a good alternative for you. Besides looking elegant, you will feel comfortable wearing rose-gold plated watch. With the same design, which is complemented by sapphire crystal face. This kind of watches available in two colors, namely leather strap watch with white leather strap and the color is more suitable for your skin rather tan. Excellence all kinds of Swiss made watches is is located on the Two-year international warranty. For more details, you can see pictures of  Burberry below. See Other Burberry Women Watches here.

Photo Courtesy of Burberry


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